Florence Grippe

Florence Grippe


Educational Alliance, N.Y.C -1932-34: drawing & painting
Works Project Adminstration, N.Y.C. -1934-38: drawing, painting & sculpture
Henry Street Settlement, N.Y.C. – 1939-41: pottery with Wm. Soini
92nd Street YMHA -1940: Sculpture & drawing with Peter Grippe

Teaching Experience
1947-54: United Art Workshops of Bklyn Neighborhood Houses: drawing, painting, sculpture & puppetry
1951-57: Brooklyn Museum Art School: Design, underglaze painting, pottery & glaze making
1947 (Summer Session): Black Mountain College, North Caroline: Sculptor’s assistant to Peter Grippe

1941: New York Council for the Arts – N.Y.C
1945: American Museum of Natural History
1945: Orrefors Galleries, N.Y.C
1946: America House, N.Y.C
1947: Sweden House, N.Y.C
1947: Rena Rosenthal Gallery, N.Y.C
1948: National Art Club – N.Y.C
1948: Laural Gallery, N.Y.C
1949: American Museum of Natural History
1949: Sidney Janis/Betty Parson Galleries (Collaborative Exhibition auction)
1949: Roko Gallery, N.Y.C
1950: Willard Gallery, N.Y.C
1951: 9th Street Exhibition of the New York avant garde artists
1951: Brooklyn Museum Art School
1951: Voloshin/Cox Gallery – Key West Florida
1952: Morris Gallery, N.Y.C.
1953: The Atelier, N.Y.C
1955: Brooklyn Museum Art School
1957: Zabriskie Gallery, N.Y.C
1957: New School for Social Research, N.Y.C
1957: Pyramid Gallery, N.Y.C
1958: Downtown Community School, N.Y.C
1962: Boston College
1974: Guild Hall, Southhampton, L.I.
1978: Provincetown Art Association & Museum, P’town, Ma.
1979: Guild Hall, Southhampton, L.I. (Art Auction)

Portrait Commissions
1969: Doris Brewer Cohen, Lexington, Ma.
1970: Signora Attilio Revere, Locarno, Switzerland
1970: Dr. Luis Martinez, Valencia, Spain
1971: Eduardo Franco Sola, Rome, Italy

Guild Hall, Southampton, L.I. – “McGovern Mural”, 1972 (46 Long Island artist’s paint-in)
Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University: 1979, Portrait of Doris Brewer Cohen on extended loan.
Private Collections: Jacques Lipchitz, James Johnson Sweeney, Grace Borgenicht, Michael Freilich (Roko Gallery), Marian Willard (Willard Gallery), Chris Ritter (Laurel Gallery), Louis Nevelson, Mitchel Siporin and others.

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