Edwin Dickinson: Etchings of Provincetown


ACME FINE ART’s Online Exhibition of Edwin Dickinson: Etchings of Provincetown opens Tuesday 22 February 2016


ACME Fine Art presents an online exhibition featuring the etchings of Edwin Dickinson. The show will be viewable online beginning on Thursday, 23 June 2016.


Edwin Dickinson (1891-1978) is primarily recognized for his enigmatic canvases and compelling portraits, as well as his many “premier coup” landscapes. Many of these works were produced in Provincetown, where the artist resided from 1912 to 1937. The works produced there ranged from landscapes, still lifes and commissioned portraits to large complex figurative scenes sometimes likened to the work of the Surrealists. However, Dickinson never adhered to a single artistic movement or a theoretical approach to art. He took the training he had received from his teachers William Merritt Chase and Charles Hawthorne and to it added an intuitive approach. It was important to Dickinson to not lose the emotional process of creating art. He said of his process that he tried to approach each subject as if it were something “never seen before.”


During his lifetime, Dickinson was well recognized and exhibited, with shows at The Corcoran Gallery, the National Academy of Design, the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney, as well as many other galleries and museums. Now, his work is held by these institutions and many others, including the Smithsonian, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and the Metropolitan Museum.


Dickinson only produced prints for three out of his twenty five years making art in Provincetown. His brief foray into printmaking produced numerous etchings that depict figures and landscapes familiar from his well-known paintings. The diverse array of etchings presented in this online exhibition captures the character of the town that Dickinson made his home and provides a window into the milieu that surrounded the artist during his years there.


The collection to be exhibited includes portraits, landscapes and figure studies, most of which date to Dickinson’s first period of printmaking in 1916. The exhibition will run from 23 June to 20 August 2016 and will be viewable online at acmefineart.com.